My dear clients and friends,

As I reached to the third trimester of pregnancy I decided that it is the right time to take it easier and take some time off.

Unfortunately I am not able to help you right now, but I would like to refer you to my friends and colleagues who will do their best to help you dealing with your issues.

Mgr. Karel Kupec, physiotherapist

Karel is a physiotherapist focusing mainly on therapeutic exercise and correcting the postural stereotypes. He is trained in the DNS method (dynamic neuromuscular stabilization) founded by famous Czech prof. Pavel Kolar. Karel is also able to perform classical massages and kinesiotaping.


Denisa Krajčířová, massage therapist, yoga instructor

Denisa is a great massage therapist with a holistic approach. She has a good knowledge of a human body from her yoga courses and her practice is also inspired by the traditional Chinese medicine. She is performing either classical massages or shiatsu. She also teaches yoga - either the individual practice or in the small groups.